At Four Dollar Gas

At $4 Gas, Not $5.00

Editorial by Dominick Villapiano

I live in a small city here in the Midwest and the average labor job is $9.00 dollars an hour, and middle class jobs are few. I believe if the truth was told unemployment is probably in the thirty percent range or higher.  There is a little of what I would call “old farm money” in this area, but it won’t last long. Farming has run it course due to the poor ground and the high cost of machinery.

The oil companies think they are being slick by letting the word out that we are  going to see higher prices for oil, resulting in higher gas prices. I am going to make a little prediction of my own. If Washington allows OPEC and oil companies to let gasoline hit $4.00 and if the US dollar still exist at this time, America will try to make a run on Washington. I predict a civil war against the government.

It is simple mathematics folks, America’s Midwest does not make enough money to even begin to sustain $4.00 per gallon gas. I predict the people will start to heat up at $3.25 per gallon. I also believe economic growth will stop when gas goes a little over three dollars here in the Midwest.


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