Obama Says “Tough Choices”

Obama Says “Tough Choices”

President Says We have to Make Some Tough Choices

Editorial By Dominick Villapiano

Now after the election, The President says we have to make some tough choices. This is funny to me, just before the election there was nothing said about tough choices. What we did is stop Obama from implementing any more of his socialistic policies. But are we going to pay for that decision? I am proud of America, they made it clear that they were not happy with the republican side either. If we just had the backbone to elect an independent, it would change political impotence for a while, anyway.

Let me ask you as a reader; Did you run up the deficit? Well I did not either. How is this yours or my bill to pay back? Did we authorize bad military and/or construction contracts with governments? Did you ignore the money stolen by politicians and allow fraudulent medicare billing? Did you authorize the bailout of huge banks who own our politicians or an auto industry who built junk for many years?

We as a country need to pay for strong military defense. We need to fund education to a degree, although I believing the government should have little influence in Americas educational system. This should be monitored by a separate independent committee. We do need a ligament health care bill. Let us face it, there is a certain percentage of the population that does not have the mental and/or the physical capacity to hold a job. No one in this country should starve or freeze to death. As a stipulation to draw governmental benefits, it would make sense to me that as long as they are mentally and physically capable of working they should provide a service to off-set governmental cost. Of coarse, in order for this to be a stipulation to receive, the government would have to set up a child care and transportation program of some type.

The United States constitution is well written, but we have allowed it to be over amended. When they write laws and put them on the ballot, it has never been made clear what we are amending, state or federal. As a matter of fact, most people have no idea what they are voting for. All information should be provided about any laws before it is put on the ballot. Government has also become to involved in family and traditional marriage, a place they do not belong.


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