An Overwhelmed America

An Overwhelmed America

Are Americans Just Overwhelmed?

Editorial by Dominick Villapiano

Revision February 29th, 2013

In the shadow of all that has happened in America since September 11th 2001, I’m sure most realize that the stories reported by the press these days have eroded enough to depress any hopeful optimistic type of person. And in my opinion, enough truly has happened over the last twelve years to overwhelm any-person, I just can’t imagine what this has done to pessimistic person who has no hope to begin with.

Later in my life I have become a people watcher in a sense and I’ve followed people’s comments on mainstream news headlines written on Fox, Yahoo and Reuters for many years now. When reading the comment sections of online these news websites I have noticed something that is clearly alarming to me, much more alarming than the stories themselves.

It  seems the commentators that have lost sight of the “cause  and effect” of what has been wrong with our country from it’s origin. It is alarming to me how quickly the American public has forgotten that always “the where”, “the what” and the “the why” that will give you “the  cause”. Then we the people need to find out “the who’s responsible” which leads to “the effect.” In reality that is what is commonly known as old fashion cause and effect. But we don’t demand justice in our countries governmental cases of injustice, or know how to any longer as a people, a people who refuse to admit we are strongly being controlled by our “We The People” government.

Confused? Let me explain.

Greed Taken To New Level

We know that the banks, the auto industry, the insurance companies, the oil companies and most of wall street are responsible for this depression. Who our current and past administrations including our congress, (both republican and democrat who have against massive public opposition), bailed out these companies that are responsible. Who also have shown no mercy on the American public in any way.

We the tax paying Citizens are paying for it all, leading to our UN-comprehensible deficit and enormous national debt. If we had anyway possible way to calculate the dollars taken in by government quarter by quarter and year by year vs true liabilities, which by the way our government will never allow, I promise we have no debt but a surplus. Also devastating our job market and a complete lack of help to the American people. I also need to mention the missing bailout money that has been back with interest in some recent reports. Well if it was, it didn’t seem to shrink the size of our budget deficit or the national debt.

Politicians have led Americans to believe that the bailout was the reason the deficit had gotten out of hand in our country. Here is my question to this: If the bailout loans were truly recompensed by those who received them, then why is our deficit still growing out of control, if the bailout funds were the cause? And if the funds were paid back by these companies or in reality powerful families who own these companies, why didn’t our national debt get reduced or go back down? Didn’t many of these companies claim to pay the bailout loans plus interest? Now my second main story question is if that wasn’t alarming enough; If it was not paid back by these parties, then why are they lying and/or allowed to lie about it paying back these bailout loans? America we got a problem here, this does not add up.

We the American tax payers are not holding any of the government officials and companies that are responsible for cause and effect of our economy. I have read very few comments about finding and holding those responsible or accountable for their actions. This is just unbelievable to me. We are only arguing about only what the media wants us to talk about, blaming one party or the other. I don’t believe this an accident. I do believe this is a very calculated psychological manipulation by those who report the news, this  controls our thinking process.

Why isn’t the media asking these questions?

Why do I believe it is media manipulation or a form of propaganda? For one the media is not asking the questions or writing about cause and the true effect. The media can report a story, and still mislead the public. Responsibility has went unsettled and the effect would be clearly apparent. Many Americans in this country really believe, especially republicans with a job, that people could go back to work if they wanted and are taking a free ride.

Now I do realize some are taking advantage of the system, but I am here to tell you that I have always worked as  independent contractor. For that reason I was not eligible for unemployment, so I have no reason not to go work other than there is no jobs. Some folks in this country need to understand that this is real for many people.

We need to come together as a people and really start helping one another. Welfare is going to disappear, this day is coming. We need to come together as a united country, go after the people and companies responsible history making fiasco. We also need to quit blaming the poor people in this country, Government mismanaged the budget, not the people and it is time that all Americans to pull our heads out of the sand. This is going to happen over and over until we put an end to it.

Because I point out the obvious truth, people will label this type of writing as extreme, or anti-government. Folks I love my country, but if I were to lie, steal and rob people, the law would demand Justice. I feel we have been lied to as a people, stolen from by our official for the own gain and financially robbed as a country of our tax dollars that we entrusted to our elected officials who have completely abused their power and authority that is supposedly granted by We the People. Shouldn’t we as Americans demand justice and at least attempt for the first time in our countries history, to really run our country? I believe we should.

Financial Crisis Commission Finds Cause For Prosecution Of Wall Street


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