Engaging In Positive Economic Politics

Engaging In Positive Economic Politics

An American Culture Observation

by Dominick Villapiano

Many people today  spend much of their time in unprofitable conversations that become addicting when discussing the US and World politics.  For example like our current economic situation that  is independently, out of our control.

Misguided emotions will not solve any of our countries political or economical shortfalls. We think we are venting by complaining with thousands in comment sections on news articles or down at the barber shop. These problems are trying for any human being to say the least and witnessing our countries leaders in deliberations are enough to cause any passive person anguish. But do I believe venting through the internet on today’s issues at great lengths, can or is healthy time spent? I believe the the answer is “no.”

Do we understand what is happening to our country as a whole? Are we trying to educate ourselves on these events and times or are we only looking to blame someone or some  party?

It is most likely the uncertainty of a pending  situation or its outcome that drives us  to this senseless pass-time. These angry thoughts and conversations can and will consume you and  if is not addressed  or redirected in positive way and could even result in deadly actions like the Arizona shooting.

Try coming to the realization and get beyond the fact that this is really not a Republican and/or Democrat problem.  This is also not a conservative or liberal issue.  This thought process is a derivative driven by our political media.  The media makes their living by stirring up people’s emotions. What this does is reduce Americans to an undermining two-party system. This thought process is and has been, in my opinion, politically orchestrated. When you come to understand that is how media controls what we debate about, you will rise above this diminished and unproductive thinking and behavior. Then see the issues for what is obvious  and sensible. For example; car sales representatives assume the sale by saying “would you like to take your car home right now or later today?”..It is the same principle. It is called “controlling your customer.”

The bigger question is; “Is it political at  all?” If it is not political, then what is it? What I am coherently trying to shed light on is this question.

If you knew the outcome could you prepare yourself for what is evidently out of your control or in your direct power? I think the answer is yes. Can we learn to deal and cope through revelatory knowledge? Now this will depend on you. This inspired knowledge does not come without hard work and study. If you are looking  for principles that will put positive light  so you can engage understand today’s social problems, I will recommend a few ideas.

Please know that people are experiencing  a lot of anxiety toward our government because of foreclosures, jobs, and of course money and for good reason. And  in many cases this will induce enormous stress on marriage and family. Then some will compound the problem by drinking and self medicating. I don’t have to say that alcohol and drugs need to stop first. You already know that.

There are also a few people who just don’t have a clue or just don’t care,  no passion for life and emotionally dead. Is this a blessing or a curse? I don’t know, all that I know is that, I needed more. So, for those who have a pulse there are solutions to overcoming negative reactions to today’s society.

Now where to start

The first thing we must all understand is, whether you believe in God or not, these current problems in America or wherever you live are bigger than you, me and Obama. We know also that things can not go on much longer like they are, otherwise we wouldn’t be worried about it.  Right?

We all have a measure of faith, but it is what we put that faith in that determines out thinking process. Is your faith in self, America, people or material things etc. All of which will eventually fail and result in disappointment. Now the  psychologist credit themselves for knowledge that really, originated in the Bible.  In the light of God, psychology could be very positive and effective way of dealing with any  adverse situations that come along in life.  If you can alter a man’s confession, you will alter his thinking. If you alter a mans thinking  you will alter his outcome. Where thought goes, energy flows.

I am going to recommend some reading, and I will base it off of two scriptures.

First, through revelatory knowledge comes the true understanding. Learn prophecy so you understand the out outcome of what is happening today: I will base this from this scripture.

2 Peter 1:19-20 19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: KJV

Second Know this:

Rom 8:28 28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. KJV

I am also going to give you two links:

One is a paper that from Keith Collins, “The Inner Coach talking about Emotional Intelligence.”

Emotional-Intelligence.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Another article by Chuck Gallozzi “Dealing With Disappointment”

Dealing With Disappointment


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