Stop And Thank Your Bank

Stop And Thank Your Bank

Editorial By Dominick Villapiano

October 23, 2010

Here we are a few days before mid-term election, reduced to a two-party system. In my opinion neither party has shown any sign of integrity. What we need in a leader is to first tell the American people the truth about what our government and the banking system has done to this country. I bought a local newspaper and read the job opportunities in the help wanted section, there is no jobs. We are several years into this job decline that actually started in 2000. A few health care jobs, some commission only jobs and a college looking for a director with a PhD in rocket science. I do not see any hope in site for this job market to start to recover, but don’t worry, it is now a bull market for wall street.

Can we get our imagination around the magnitude of what they are doing to America? The Greatest Economic Power In The World has fallen do to the practices of the  mortgage industry. Nobody in our government agencies, who have more laws in legislation hindering the rights of its people, and they did not see this coming? This is undoubtedly by design. Does anyone remember, just before all this began, they changed the bankruptcy laws in America? They have made it illegal for the average person in America to go broke! Well,  for the general public anyway…..

Now we have a 24 hour around the clock television media, who searches day and night for good news to air about you and I, on however many channels, and the media did not suspect that the mortgage industry was bankrupting America? I just do not believe that for a minute. Now our cities have a camera on every street corner in America watching our every move. Think not? Stay with me, the point to this is; If you commit a crime, it seems at that exact moment, the city just happen to have a security camera watching that corner, and you find that you will have a video of yourself and your crime all over the news by morning.

I suppose they just forgot to point a camera toward the bankers and mortgage companies.

Wake Up America! And Please Don’t Forget To Thank Your Bank!


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