Materials And Study Ethics

Materials and Study Ethics

Efficient Study Ethics that proven Produce Results with much less effort. There are four very simple steps that are very simple that we will teach you. When you find things on your own, they may be correct or they may just feel or sound and have a much greater chance of misinterpretation or misconception. But if you find the answer brought revelation knowledge that comes through God and leads you to conformation in the Word, then you know you really go it.. The great thing when you know you got it right, you then have a much stronger conviction about real truth that come from the Word of God, and not just a well spoken man in the pulpit. it will leave you an incredible feeling of accomplishment and will become healthier and are much easier habitual or second nature to exercise.

Of course taking good extensive on very difficult or many topic issues with-in a topic always helps……. But that is work and feels like work and does not easily become habit. Mental notes are also extremely important, faith come by hearing, but know that it does not always commit it to memory. So when doing this try what I call “divide and relate it mentally” into a specific thoughts and connect mentally to what ever helps you remember: But know this is only your part in committing it to memory. There is another identity of God that is very involved in bringing to scripture to your remembrance when you need it, like at a very critical moment like you are witnessing, preaching or teaching.

There are 4 steps to Revelation Knowledge

1. Simulation (reading)

2. Meditate (think about it)

3. Relax (let it go, forget about it)

4. Then comes Revelation (the Holy Ghost brings REVELATION)

It would be very helpful to keep a World Globe handy.

We have redesigned our web page with the LINK of next lesson at the bottom of each lesson page to avoid the temptation of reading ahead. If you truly want get the most from these lessons, You need to devote 1 hour a day to the study. You need to look up and read the scriptures given, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister you to individually. This will also promote good, healthy spiritual growth and study ethics.

Tips about lessons

Helpful Hint: In a series teaching, it would be helpful to bookmark or save it to Favorites after each lesson so that you can return to that page, making it faster to click on the link at the bottom for the next lesson, to avoid starting at the first page every time you reopen after a break in your studies.

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WSOPNE Recommended Books

Important To Note: Always live within your budget, we provide all the lessons, the scriptures and key definitions you will need. Book suggestions and recommendations is only for those who would like to invest in the expansion of their study of the Jewish Perspective.

1. King James Version of the Bible: white or black, red letter………

2. The new Strong’s Concordance………..

and for expansion definitions for the Old Testament we recommend

3. Gesenius: Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon of the Old Testament……..

4. Illustrated Bible Dictionary

5. Kenneth Wuest: Word Studies in the Greek New Testament Volume 1- 4

6. Ralph Gower: The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times

7. Edersheim: The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

…….. prices coming………


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