Jewish Calendars

About Translation: This document may not translate correctly in some languages

Given At Creation                 Given In Exodus             Falls In Our Calendar

Creation Calendar ——-      Sacred Calendar —–          Solar Calendar

New Year is in Month 1                                New Year is in Month 7                               New Years starts at the sighting of new moon that will fall from the 2nd week in Sept to the 1st week in Oct varying from solar cycle year to year.

(#) month————–            (#) month—————            Solar Month

1. Ethanim or (Tishri)         7. Ethanim (Tishri)             Sept – Oct

2. Bul (Marchesshvan)        8. Bul (Marchesshvan)        Oct – Nov

3. Kislev                                 9. Kislev                                Nov – Dec

4. Tebeth                               10. Tebeth                             Dec – Jan

5. Shebat                               11. Shebat                              Jan – Feb

6. Adar                                   12. Adar                                 Feb – Mar

7. Abib or Nissan                   1. Abib or Nissan                 Mar – Apr

8. Ziv (Iyyar)                          2. Ziv (Iyyar)                        Apr – May

9. Sivan                                   3. Sivan                                May – June

10. (Tammuz)                         4. (Tammuz)                      June – July

11. (Ab)                                    5. (Ab)                                 July – Aug

12. Elul                                    6. Elul                                  Aug – Sept

  • * Names in parentheses are not in the Bible.
  • * Notice that the only thing that changed between the two Jewish Calendars is the month #. These two calendars run simultaneously 6 months apart. The 1st month of the creation calendar and and the 7th Month of the sacred calendar and are both in the Fall that start the New Years for each Calendar. But by changing the number of the month, God created the sacred calendar in Exodus to set the the celebration of the feast with Spring and Fall feast events. Jesus fulfilled the Spring Feast in His first coming, and will fulfill the Fall Feast in his second coming.
  •  Both always start The New Year at the sighting of the New Moon in our solar calendar between Sept and Oct. Again the only thing that changes is the month number.
  • Let me elaborate a little further….The 7th month of the Sacred Calendar (center)  is the New Year in the Scared Calendar. That is confusing because we always expect a New Year to start on month 1 or one. The New Year Starts in the 7th month in the Sacred Calendar instead of month one.
  • So to see this clearly, on both the creation calendar month # 1(Israel’s new Year) and month # 7 (Israel’s New Year) of the Sacred calendar, are always in the solar calendar (our Calendar on the right) falls between Sept-Oct at the sighting of the New Moon in Jerusalem.
  •  Knowing this clears up a lot of confusion about timing and scripture.

Feast Themes

A Second Adar (Adar Sheni or Veadar) – This intercalary month was added about every three years (seven times in nineteen years). This is always done in-between moths Adar and Nissan so the Lunar calendar will correspond to the Solar year.

Civil Calendar – Official calendar of the kings, childbirth, and contracts

Sacred Calendar – Feast and Festivals were computed

When the Sacred Calendar was given by God in Exodus

Ex 12:2

2 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you. KJV

The (Above) Scripture does not tell in what month God gave The Sacred Calendar (refer below)

Ex 13:4

4 This day came ye out in the month Abib. KJV


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