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My name Is Dominick Villapiano; Dominick-Villapiano-Hi-150x150

Re: Teacher and Web Admin for World School Of Prophecy And News Events – WSOPNE.

 A long-time close Friend who inspired me and taught me how to grow spiritually;

A man by the name of Rev Mike Sawyer who lived in Missouri but now he resides in Kentucky where he does a weekly radio show. Rev Mike Sawyer had shown me a few things over the twenty-five years we have been friends. One thing Mike taught me is a Man will always serve God through grace out of love much more faithfully and obediently than through legalism or denominational-ism. Through poor teaching’ many of us serve God judging ourselves through our outward walk which always falls short of the glory of God. Mike Sawyer taught me in the Word of God some basic principles that set me free to be able to  teach. God showed Rev Mike many years before that through Freedom you serve out of love, and that it opens the door to spiritual growth. This revelation knowledge on True Grace did not come easy for Rev Mike Sawyer, he learned this through the many years of his intense labor in the Word and hard studies. For this I and many others thank him for what he learn  and gave away so freely. But most importantly what he really had taught me was how to see, when I read…

Now I still live in Missouri and consider myself to be in many ways like John the Baptist. I  am just one crying out in the wilderness.

My gift given to me by the Lord is to teach people how to tie scripture together from the New And Old Testament. Many people get lost in the book of Revelation by itself, and become confused. We help shed light on the prophecies in the book of Revelation. Now about another named John, John the writer who quoted the Jesus and His events in the gospels of of the book of Revelations. Now John had received his visions, what many do not realize is that almost all the events in Revelations, were also prophecies that were prophesied in the Old Testament. John was very familiar with these prophecies and God was revealing these prophecies to John. So the Angel sent by God explained or showed to John in a vision, more on the  prophecies that had previously been written by Prophets in the Old Testament.

Exactly what we do at WSOPNE

We show that the events recorded in the book of Revelation almost all have a direct tie to the Old Testament prophecies written by previous prophets. In  doing this it will bring you to a clearer understanding of the prophecies in this day and time. By reading scripture you are putting the Word in you, then allowing the Holy Ghost to show the Word to you. The holy Ghost cannot access what is not in you, so you must put the word in you first, meaning read it.. Thus by putting the Word in you can then receive Holy Ghost Revelation.

From where we started till now has been a long road.

We have come a long way as a world outreach website from the time we started in Aug of 2008. We have reached many people and I give all the glory to Him….Amen!

If you would like to support our ministry, which few volunteer to do these days and times, we would accept it. But know that getting financial support has always been very low on my priority list. God gave it to me free, unlike many churches, I give it away free…..

Then please  Contact Us

May The Lord speak to you about our World Ministry


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