WSOPNE Written Lessons

WSOPNE Written LessonsWSOPNE Written Bible Lessons

WSOPNE Written Online Bible Lessons are specific in-depth studies on various, extremely important subjects. Each lesson clearly sheds a greater light on the other next subject or bible lesson, that is as also equally important. The more recognize the connection of every event from the Back of the Gen 1.1 of Old Testament from  to Revelation 22:21 of the New Testament. Every Word that was written is still the truth and still is in completely in effect. God changed nothing, God didn’t replace His people, it the same exact plan is unfolding that started in Gen1:1.

New Testament establishes the The Old Testament and the Old Testament establishes the the New Testament. The greater the light you have in His Word, the greater student, witness, teacher and witness for Christ you will become…  Amen!

We have designed and written these lessons overlap in area by repetition for several reasons. Not only  to show the significance to each-other, but also to create a desire and hunger for truth and knowledge in the Word of God.  with confidence by learning who it was written to this for conformation in scripture and events. a healthy

All lessons are consistently revised and updated

Below are Links to WSOPNE Parent Page To Each Lesson Series

First Believe In God Series

You must believe in Him first, that is a decision that at some point in your life you will have to make. Nobody escapes this decision. Free will is something God put in place before man was even created. God could not have a true love relationship with man with out free will being in existence.

What Really Took Place In Acts Chapter 15?

My appeal in this lesson is to those who truly love Jesus and want to grow in his Word.

Acts chapter 15 and the letter to the Galatians should be taught hand in hand to get a clear picture of the two. One teaching clarifies the other. Learning what happened in chapter 15 of Acts will teach you to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Please note that “rightly dividing the Word of God” should be more strategically about “who the verse  scripture or letter was written to”.

True Grace And Freedom Intro

I remember when I was first saved. I had, like most of us, the weight of all my sins lifted from my shoulders. Then overtime bad preaching and teaching put that weight back on my shoulders. Most messages that are taught on grace come with attachments and are spiritually deadly. We as church leaders are the blame for this.

Ezekiel’s Vision

The Prophecy Read in Ezekiel, Proving The Exact Day Israel Became A Nation Again, May 7th 1948

The Mystery About Babylon Intro

In this Series we will explore who and where Babylon The Great truly is. And Who It Is Not! There is many smart, intelligent and educated people who get lost in book of Revelation, without using any other scriptures on the subject. This will ultimately lead to error every single time. The Revelation John received was, from the Word of The Prophets in the old testament.

Three Significant Feast

The Feast Of Pentecost, The feast Of Rosh ha Shannah and The Feast Of Yom Kippur Also Called The First Trumpet, The Last Trump And The Great Trumpet

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Of Years

69 Of The 70 Weeks Of Daniel’s Prophecy Have Been Fulfilled, The Last Week Week Will Be Upon Us Soon!

Churches Have Always Preached End Times – But Why Is Today Different?

So are the economic, political or weather events that we are witnessing any different from past events such as the Great depression for one example? Or for another example; like the earthquakes that are in great abundance all over the world today. How are they any different from the multiple earthquakes of the late 1800′s?

The World Witnessing Signs

What about the record-breaking weather events, earthquakes and wars? How are these events so different from the events that happened a hundred years ago or longer? Is all this bad weather we are experiencing today really caused by Global Warming or man-made Climate Change? Why are these earthquakes being called signs?

Sop Box Lessons

Other WSOPNE Lessons


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