Churches Have Always Preached End Times – Why Is Today Different?

Churches Have Always Preached End Times – But Why Is Today Different?

Daily we see Headline News about unemployment, bad economy, poverty, crooked government, divorce, heartache, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, wall street, foreclosures, liberal media, elections, conservative, democrat, disease, epidemic, out of business sales, global warming, global markets, murders, family values in decline, homosexuality, lesbianism, secularism, politically correctness, class wars, race wars, prostitution, socialism, the rich élite, George Soros, world currency, wars, Israel, US, Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia.

The list goes on and on!

All through-out the history of our country, we have suffered from many of the very same Headline Events that are going on today. And churches have always tied these events to “end times” or what many call “the last days”, which by name are deceptive and incorrect. So why is today’s political, economic and weather events any different today, than in our past? All you would have to do is, change the names of the people in power and of the names of the countries we are at war with and we can see that these are some of the very same events.

So Why Are Today’s Events Different?

So about the economic, political or weather events that we are witnessing; why are they any different from past events such as the Great depression for one example? Or for another example; like the earthquakes that are in great abundance all over the world today. How are they any different from the multiple earthquakes of the late 1800’s? These are great questions and these questions should be asked, even if it is just out of common sense. The thought of Past vs Present events at the very least should peak any partially intelligent person’s curiosity.

But the funny thing to me is that these in-particular questions can easily and adequately be answered in scripture, but rarely are. I just haven’t heard many churches answer this question correctly, so that people will have confidence in knowing where we are in time, according to the Word of God. My concern is that many people will lose hope in these times because our Churches are avoiding study of prophecy and teaching on eschatology. A lot of damage can also be done from the pulpit if a teacher’s study in prophecy is not taken serious. To teach prophecy correctly, it takes many years of researching scripture and always the divine help of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Scripture Does Clearly Identify Today’s Times

There is at least one verse in the New Testament that clearly identifies “today’s times” and I rarely hear it taught or preached about. Nay Sayers that always will say “that today’s events are no different from past events” And when I show them scripture to prove otherwise, it does shut them up almost every-time. Although they cannot argue with it, many will still refuse to believe it. This is a what I will call a “spirit of fear’ in many folks that fear change and will refuse the truth because of it. Meaning: Many people here on earth will place their love of worldly possessions such as money or just their love of life and they will misplace their hope in corrupt Governments, over God. This is tragic to me, but for some people who will never change, but when Truth is preached, it will always at the very least end all disputes regardless whether they believe it or not.

Predestined events does not affect freewill in any way, freewill is designed by the Father to run side by side with predestined events.

By studying when these events that will take place, we come to know God better through our relationship with God in His Word.. It brings to a place to make a  decision of our own freewill.

There were many prophecies about Jesus coming the first time, those prophecies about Jesus coming all rang true! And those prophecies about Jesus, had to come to pass and had to happen, right? It was God’s plan for our salvation, so Jesus coming the first time was predestined, right? There are also many unfulfilled prophecies in the New And Old Testament, that are also predestined to happen, so they will also have to happen all according to God. They are part of His plan, they are all going to take place. That will not change regardless of what we do. God’s plan is on the table and already in motion and we need to know and accept this.

This is not going to be a long drawn out complicated message, I promise. But before I point out in scripture where we are in time at the end of this lesson, there’s a couple of things I want to bring out first. I meet many types of people within the church who I believe without even realizing it, allow Satan to control their attitude and their walk with God. Guard against being an emotional person or an emotionless person.

Do not get over emotional or in fear (afraid) of what is coming, learn about it. Revelation knowledge in His Word will bring hope.

Also know this….. That Fear only comes, when we don’t know God’s plan. God gave us freewill and we can exercise it to mentally prepare spiritually for what is predestined to happen and written in His Word. Do not get in fear about the coming events, Satan is the author of fear. God does not want us to be scared about what is coming. If you know scripture, then Satan cannot twist scripture to scare you and use it against you. Now we have a freewill to either accept or reject God and His Word, and accept or reject what He has done for us. God loves us and Jesus has a great plan for His Bride, who is us… So do not get in fear or do you want to learn about His plan? Let us study Amen.

And the opposite of fear is just as alarming, to have no passion or to be emotionless about what is coming 

People who are emotionless about prophecy, are either overwhelmed by it or worse, just don’t care and have no urgency at all…. If you just don’t care, this should raise a concern in yourself about your relationship is with God. And do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed either. A person who knows Truth in scripture will always have a defense and a strong advantage over deception. To have no urgency at all  is also deception. Why? Because Satan does not want you thinking it is time for you to prepare yourself and your family.

Satan will always take a scripture and use it out of context to confuse you. Satan will either create fear or mislead you to into thinking it is not important. Let me give you an example:

Below, what Jesus saying in Matt 24:36 which is of-course is true.  First, Jesus  didn’t lie, he doesn’t know the day nor the exact hour. But Jesus was by no means was giving us an excuse to not to study prophecy in the Word of God about His coming for His Bride or His Second coming. That would be exactly how Satan would use this scripture to deceive people through ignorance in church doctrine. That is not at all what Jesus was saying. Now let me complicate this a little more. Which event was Jesus referring to? His coming for His Bride (the rapture) or His second Coming? See folks, these are things we need to research in prophecy scripture and learn.

Matt 24:36
36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. KJV

We may not know the day or the hour, but we will know the time. I will prove that in a moment…. Jesus himself says much more about knowing and recognizing the day in which these events will occur, we will get to that. Let me finish about Satan’s ways of deception first.

Satan will deceive many through the church… How? Through poor study ethics of people and even Pastors and Teachers who do not labor in the Word, who unable to discern the Times. Teachers should always keep their mind and heart open to learn, even from a student.

Now let me take this a bit further and elaborate a little more.

Matt 24:36, which is a great scripture in its context. But if Matt 24:36 were the only scripture that I knew and that I had to use to base a decision on about prophecy; then first why would God have written prophecy? And second; Why should we read any prophecy scripture at all, If God doesn’t want us to know. This is exactly how many churches are avoid teaching on prophecy and there is a danger in that message. It is giving the message to people “not to worry about anything, don’t concern yourself with prophecy”. Churches sometimes are deceived by their own doctrine of thinking, and this will always happen when they will take a scripture out of context like Matt 24:36 alone and ignoring many other scriptures that apply to the subject. This always results in just teaching in partial truth, which is as dangerous as not telling the truth.

To many Teachers and Pastors today use one scripture like Matt 24:31 alone for an excuse as to why they teach little about prophecy. To use excuses to not study and teach prophecy is wrong. But I will say this; “that I believe that it is mostly is being unintentionally deceptive” on their part. Here is why I say they are unintentionally misleading their people.

Researching and tying scripture together to get a clearer picture in and about prophecy, is a life long study and very time-consuming. Studying prophecy is mentally taxing, labor intensive and is very hard work, that just does not have an end. We will never see it all or even come any closer than just scratching the surface of what is in prophecy. But know that by laboring in the Word for answers, it will create a hunger for the Word and bring peace and hope to us individually and as a Church. And I promise; the more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t know about the Word.. But you will start to see the big picture. God’s Word has great depth especially when you scratch through the surface and greater things start to become visible. Again make no mistake, any Man or Great Teacher in their life-time study will not come learn any-more than a fraction of what is there is actually to be learned in the Word Of God.

Learning and seeing prophecy that has been fulfilled in scripture, will always strengthen your faith.

Teaching a message that suggest that we should not be concerned about anything in the Word Of God, is just like a teacher saying to be ignorant. The early Catholic church was guilty of keeping people in the dark concerning the Word of God, by lack of knowledge they maintained power over the people.. So the horrid result in teaching this way is; why then seek God for any answers.? If you are ignorant of the Word, Satan will allow Governments and bad people in authority, to pull your strings like a puppet the rest of your life. Would teachers teach that way about salvation? Of course not! So the point I am trying to get across to my readers is that this type teaching really down-plays “good urgency created by God in prophecy” as irrelevant, in a time where “urgency to prepare a family is really needed” for coming events. That would always be exactly what Satan would want you to do, not to worry about it.

Some Foolish Terms from the Pulpit…

And worse yet, many churches will preach and teach in church that “we should always be ready”. Well that sounds good in theory, but won’t work.. laughing. But by preaching this they are setting people up for a false standard of living that cannot not be kept by mans natural human ability. Also know that, no person can ever be ready “by works”, but rather “by faith”.

Peter’s message was this; that we should create urgency that we see in prophecy and to believe by faith in prophecy, that by faith in prophecy is that which brings hope. Satan always steals hope, that is exactly how he operates. But by preaching “to just always be ready” or by teaching that “you must live perfect enough somehow’  which is by works. You think by now in this country, that the church would learn that teaching legalism never works. Our works our are worthless, we cannot earn what was a free gift to us.

Trying to tell people to always be in a “state of readiness” by living up to a standard, is a setup for you to feel like a failure, not if but when you fall short. When you beat yourself up for not “hitting the mark” so to speak, then we can lose hope. This is dangerous and know that we all fall short of the glory of God and know that our works of the flesh in the body that we live in, just will never meet perfection. Readiness comes not by works, but faith in the Christ  Also know that Jesus is “the One who made us perfect in spirit” that is the readiness we walk in daily.

It was not by our works that we were made perfect… Nor will it ever be by our own works.

John 17:22-23
22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:
23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. KJV

When the church teaches through legalism or denominational-ism, it will always result in keeping you in the dark or ignorant of the Word. Subconsciously and sometimes consciously Pastors and Teachers will use a fear method of teaching to get and to maintain control over its congregation. Satan is usually at play in this situation and will always attack those who do not labor in the Word of God. Meaning: if you are ignorant of the Word, then Satan can easily induce his power of deception over you and your thinking. That is exactly how Satan used the Early Catholic Church to run different countries by keeping people in the dark. Do not repeat the mistakes of history nor buy into what Satan is manipulating. If the Churches teach you about God’s love, then through your love will you serve Him, and only through love will you serve God with all your heart. Amen.

Now read what Peter said about prophecy…..

2 Peter 1:19
19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: KJV

2 Peter 1:21
21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. KJV

Now let’s look at what Paul said and what Jesus said about being blind and ignorant.

Jesus said:

Matt 16:3
3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? KJV

Now read what Paul said:

1 Thess 5:4
4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. KJV

Knowing the Word Creates Confidence in Truth. The big question; Why was the “First Great Depression” any different from the “Economic Melt Down” of today’s times?

How can we as believers be completely confident that these are the “very times and events” that Jesus preached about? And that we are “that generation” Jesus spoke of? And what we are witnessing, is what exactly what Jesus said it would be?

Right here is the answer that tells where we are in time…..

First thing Jesus said is what? To learn it, Right? So I am going to teach it to you.

Mark 13:28-30
28 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When her branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is near:
29 So ye in like manner, when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even at the doors.
30 Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. KJV

In verse 28 “fig tree” represents: – Israel. Israel became a nation again in May of 1948 after the “first depression” right? And the completion Israel becoming a nation was in the “Six-Day War” when Israel took possession of “God’s Holy City Jerusalem” in June 1967.

let us take it a little further

Jesus said “Yet Tender”, this means: – young.  Jesus said we would see these things when Israel was still a “young country”.

How long is a generation?

We also know a generation is about forty years from Exodus. We see in Exodus when Moses and the people wondered in the wilderness for “a Generation” it said it was a time of Forty years.

Notice that Jesus says this in a very interesting way in verse 30.

Now read again what Jesus said in verse 30, Jesus said this…….

30 Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. KJV

That this generation “shall not pass” meaning that this generation might be a slightly longer than a generation of 40 years.

Israel had to become a nation first, that prophecy had not been fulfilled completely until June of 1967! This is pretty simple math and there is urgency created in this is; we are now today been about 45 years since June of 1967 since Israel took God’s Holy City back, slightly over a generation by five years…… So if the Word of God is true, which I believe it is, then it is time……. Amen

Go home gentlemen, it is a time today where we need to be responsible husbands, fathers and grandfathers as a spiritual head of your household and tend to your garden. Now is the time to  get your family ready in and by faith for the Lord to return for His Bride, this is the time for a little urgency, I promise.

May God bless you all. Amen

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16 Responses to Churches Have Always Preached End Times – Why Is Today Different?

  1. When JESUS says yes, no one can say no ! Glory be to God “WSOPNE” has come back.

  2. Admin says:

    Praise you my brother, it is always a pleasure to hear from you Pastor Joe………

  3. This teaching reminds us that we live the last moments. But the Lord also expressly said that these days will be like the days of Noah and Lot.
    Why this text is very important to keep children aware of God.

    “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24 : 37-39
    “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded ; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” Luke 17 : 28-30
    That is why we must watch and pray for the day of removal not surprise us …

  4. Admin says:

    Yes Pastor Joe, he was specifically speaking about the destruction of Babylon there, which I use those very scriptures in that message. In this message I wanted to show people that the events that took place after the prophecy of Israel became a nation again, specifically after they took back God’s holy city Jerusalem in June of 1967, was the Generation that Jesus was speaking about, that would see these things happen. That this is the hour.Amen

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  6. So we this generation, have no right to make mistakes because we live the fulfillment of these prophecies. But the Lord also explicitly raised the question of faith in his second coming ; “I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth ?” Luke 18 : 8 .
    That is the question !

  7. Admin says:

    He will find some faith here with me and you Pastor Joe, Praise God.

  8. I think one can get a better picture if one wants to understand the “week” that involves “Israel” becoming a nation. It is the last week of Israel’s seven weeks. It is the Benjamin week. It fulfills the last will be first. I will try to keep it simple. As an example, there is a count for the week called the tribulation which I call the second resurrection. It is a 42 count to 42 count in months. It has intro of white horse and it has a end white horse. The middle of the week is death. It is very similar to the passion week which I call the Passion Paradigm which has a shift. It has intro with Jesus arriving as messiah and end with Jesus rising from the dead as real messiah. It has a shifted middle at the cross. The cross is actually the middle of the week. I will not explain here because I want to go back to the simple of the “Israel” nation week. This week has a 42 count to 42 count in generations. The intro is Abraham. The end has Israel. The week is completed. The death in the middle is Rachel’s children, the sacrifice. The child or tribe is Benjamin tribe which fulfills the prophecy of Joshua about the oldest and youngest. Joseph started the first week with his venture into Egypt. The Benjamin is the seventh week which has one workman and one sacrifice, one and same, the tribe of Benjamin. This ends the seven weeks for Israel and adds up 62 work men and completes both 7 weeks of the festival of weeks and the 62 weeks in Daniel Seventy Sevens. The week is not quite over and probably has two hours left or two generations. The generation time count is closer to 52 years. If you check based on 1st hour and 12 hour dates at 312 BCE and 312 AD. 312 AD is a little easier to figure out. The burial is symbolically or literally, Israel or Abraham mirroring a metaphor like the burial of Jesus. 312 BCE is a little trickier. A Hint: Only Christ can be both, King and High Priest. The tribe that took over was out of place.

    I hope you got all that.

    The Passion Paradigm

    • Admin says:

      This no doubt does speak of the time may 7th 1948 that Israel started to become a nation again.Also note that the completion of the restoration of Israel june 7 1967 when Israel took possession God’s holy city Jerusalem. What the story was pointing was the generation that saw all the all these would be the Generation that would see consummation of Christ Jesus and His bride the church. The Honeymoon in the Jewish wedding is also a week where we The Church orr Bride will be taken to His Fathers house then return with Him as said in Rev 19:11.
      Because Paul said we were not appointed unto wrath. And also pointing the time that takes place simultaneously where God the Father reconciles with his bride. Where he will defend Israel against all her Gentile enemies and show the world they are still His People. Mr. Gilbert there is clearly two brides, one that is already married tom Father. And the Gentile church that betrothed to His Son Jesus.

      But no sir the 70th week has not taken place yet. That will be the week of God reconciling with His bride, the times of the tribulation and the last half being the Great tribulation period. I prove it with plenty of scripture and by teaching the Wedding that God gave the Jews on how to take a bride and Marry. its all read it close and take the time to study and learn this. But it takes work and effort. Feel free to reply anytime.

  9. you are missing a week, 69 week. let’s back up. 1947 fulfills “the resurrection” if used as a metaphor of Israel. if you go back to joshua’s prophecy which is spoken of as being fulfilled back during the times of kings, it is fulfilled again in speaking of the eldest and youngest. Joseph set up the first week. Benjamin finiishes the last week. the Benjamin week runs from Abraham to te death of rachel’s children to birth of Israel. The week is not over. It is like in “the road to emmaus” phase. If one was to set generations to 52 years to a generation, there is about 3 hours left if set out at 2184 as the furthest mirror date for abraham’s birth. before the 70 week takes place, the 69th week has to happen. The 69th is the second Pentecost which has a count of 50 years to match 50 days. The mid point for the 50 days and 50 days after is the tear in the curtain which coincides with the death of Jesus. The mid point for the second Pentecost will happen between the 50 years before and 50 years after and will coincide with the last week or as most call it the 70 week. It is the week of the adopted. 7 weeks for God. 62 weeks for Israel. 1 week for adopted. These weeks are better understood as workmen weeks which are “worked” in the 15 festival of weeks which are also broken down to 7 weeks for God, 7 weeks for Israel and 1 week for adopted.

    The bride and groom are metaphors throughout the bible. Esther is a classic bride and groom metaphor. You have queen, but she is not the queen. The king looks for a bride. The bride who eventually is esther goes through “six months with oil of myrrh and six months with spices and the cosmetics for women”. The story of mordecai plays out the metaphor as well.

    The generation has long past based on your understanding. I don’t how many prophecy fell short and we have long past the 40 year mark. To understand the generation, one would better understand the death in the last week which is a literal 7 years. If you believe and die in in Christ this week, you don’t die; you rise at the end of the week. The generation in Christ in the tribulation week (which i call the second resurrection because that is what it is) never dies. You rise. To understand weeks, the basics of time, times and half times is visually given with three actis; Jesus arrives on a foul (a king); he dies on the cross (half times) / he rises (the real king).

    I am looking for someone else in the world who sees this. I am really bummed of not having someone to step further in understanding the 70 weeks which is played out in the 15 weeks of the festival of week.

    I am looking for someone. what you wrote; anyone can read about the same spill in the internet. you miss 69 other weeks. I will give you three weeks. the creation week, the passion week and the second resurrection week which people call the tribulation week. there are only three. they are not theoretically connected, but all weeks fall into the creation week. they have two because the middle of the week is the 4th day. the covenant of day and the covenant of night was done on the 4th day.

    my question is where are the other 67 weeks. you have pointed out only one. it has a time count of 7 years. all of these seventy weeks have different time counts. The passion week had a 7 day count plus one. Jesus walks out of the week to the 8th day. The church calls it the 1st day. The thing is when we walk out of the weeks; there are no more days. we are eternal. The 1000 years most likely will be like maybe a day, maybe an hour, maybe a minute, maybe a second. It took Jesus maybe two hours to walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus, but it took him a second to disappear.

    We will see him as he is and be like him. Every week except the week of the famine and the week of creation, someone always dies.

  10. there is a reason that it is set at 52. It is really hard to figure a generation to hour in activity. 40 years does not cut understanding what activities play out in looking at the format of the week. The week has certain specific events that should mirror in some way what Jesus did and the names of leah’s children. I need more space than this to teach this. The clues begin at Shechem and the main events for Jesus week are 1. ride into jerusalem 2. the cleaning of temple 3. the judgement (they missed it) who is john 4. the cross. 5. the hired man 6. the tomb 7. the resurrection. these events match to Leah’s children’s names in birth order and add Shechem and Diana for 7 day. Pray and stay up all night and wait. If you really want to know, he will wake you up and walk you through it.

    The passion week is the paradigm. without the passion week, it collapses for us. not for god. it is the full redemption and reconciliation. All weeks mirror the passion week. The weeks are really only 15. There are 70 workers who work these weeks. 7-62-1

    I am looking for someone. I don’t know how to find this person. I probably sound like I am provokiing. I am really looking for someone who sees what I see. It started in end of october 2012. It was hell for my wife. I did not sleep for 3 months. I started looking for the weeks. You know how many weeks that have terrible things happening in history.

    Thanks for your input.

    • WSOPNE says:

      Ok Mr. Gilbert
      Please forgive me I have been under the gun here and gone a lot. A generation we know is 40 years by how long Moses lived in the wilderness. Now Jesus said it that this Generation that that Israel becoming a nation May 7 1947 and it’s completion in the 6 day war June 7th, 1967. Jesus said we would see those things and we clearly are, but that generation may live a little longer, we know we are a 46 years right now. I don’t think well make it 52. Babylon will be destroyed before then. Putin hates this country because Candoleeza Rice public-ally embarrassed Putin who is a Muslim in a Summit meeting. A woman does not do that to a Muslim man.So he is just counting the moments I would imagine.

  11. Before the flood, people lived generations as well. They lived supposedly 100’s of years. 40 year count for a generation would not exactly explain their generation life.

    The 52 is not necessarily to point out specific dates. The 52 gives me the best number to figure out the birth of Abraham and if one mirrors that date forward, you get the time when the week is over. 52 times 42 is 2184. 2184 BC to the middle at the death of Rachel’s children to 2184 AD. The week is done. 2184 – 1947 is 263. 263 divided by 52 gives about 5 hours left. The week is over. No one knows when Abraham was exactly born. The argument could be he never lived for many who do not believe. if Israel is born, it is an end of week event. One has to figure out which week it is. It is the last week, the 7th week. The week has to have a beginning and a middle. The week has other elements. To pick up events out of 2000 plus years to specific small events is difficult. The is the Benjamin week. The other two weeks, at least, one of them has to end before this week ends. That is what I am figuring because the adopted has to find his family. The family leans towards either Judah or Benjamin. Based on the stories of Benjamin tribe, the adopted fall into the Benjamin family.

    The generation that will not pass away is the generation that goes through the tribulation. If one was to figure how many of the adopted will die, well the percentage of Jews who died in the holocaust divided the total amount of Jews who lived during this time. You get a good idea of how many will die. Easier number would be just figure how many apostles lived passed the fall of the temple. One supposed lived, John. Holocaust numbers are better percentage.

    A generation will not pass away means if you die during this week, you will rise at the end of the week. If you make it through the week without falling to apostasy, you rise as well at the end of the week. Jesus rises at the end of the week.

    Putting aside the 52 years to a generation, and I try to round it to 2200 AD. I call the tribulation week, the 2nd resurrection week. It has a week that shadows over it which is the 2nd Pentecost week. There are two weeks. The running weeks at the moment are the Benjamin week and the Creation week. The Creation week ends last. The Benjamin is “the last will be first”. The creation week is “the first shall be last.”

    All Israel’s weeks fall in between the Benjamin week. It is last, but begins first. The adopted have to fall in this week. All weeks fall in between the Creation week. The Creation week is the first, and ends last.

    52 years multiplied by 42 gives a historic number to understand how the week is working and how much running time line of how much time is left before these last two weeks come into play.

    The passion week and pentecost mirror the 2nd resurrection and the 2nd pentecost. The difference is one is hours and day to months and years. We could actually be in the 2nd pentecost. If I was to push dates, the height of the jesus movement was 1972, which is like the transfiguration if you look at the metaphor. You add 50 years, you come to 2022. 2020’s is the date that the countries are shooting for to do away with hard cash and be completely digital. It makes sense to look at the under-developed countries goals as opposed to the develop countrie goals. Germany took roughly 10 years to go from DM to Euro. That is hard cash. To go digital would be a lot quicker. There will be a go date like Germany had a go date to drop the DM and switch to Euros. I lived through it. I live in Germany.

    The bride is a metaphor that is often used. The whole story of Esther is the bride story and even sets up the metaphor or allegory of the understanding of the week. it begins with a “Queen” and think she’s the Queen. They look for a queen. These queen possibles go through a 12 hour process, 6 months and 6 months. Esther is the Queen. Jesus on the donkey. You think that he is the King. You have a 12 hour pain period of the cross and death. Jesus rises at the end. He is the King. The incident in Shechem does the same metaphor. Shechem gives the key to the names of the days of the week. They are Leah’s children from order of birth and meaning. Reuben begins the week, there is a son.

    52 is working number to understand possibly how much time is left. People can sit back and think that we have to 2184 maybe, but actually, it is only 5 hours. If one wants to take a day is a 1000 years and 1000 years is a day great, but that make is hard to understand the creation week. The Creation week is a perfect week. I need 42 hours to the covenant of the day and night which is the fourth and 42 hours to the end of the week. So for understanding, I give the hour count of an hour is equal to a 1000 years.

    If I was to make sense of time, the last 1000 years is, at best, just an hour. With new bodies, time is irrelevant. It is like Jesus breaking bread and disappearing.

  12. We are speaking from two different points of view. I am not denying your prophecies or adding to them. I am saying weeks have formats. I am saying there are not 70 weeks, at least, not in the sense that maybe many see them as seventy weeks. There are 15 weeks. The seventy weeks are like workmen completing the work of a week. In as sense, 70 workers working in some for within these 15 weeks. 11 are completed. Many things to understand in looking at these weeks, but not all weeks are like a 7 and 24 hour week. Actually, none are understood that way. There is only one week that is actually a week as we know it. It is the Passion Week. There are three given weeks. They are the Creation Week, The Passion Week and the Tribulation Week which I call, the 2nd Resurrection.

    What I look for in your prophecy is doe is fit into the layout or format of the week.

    I will not go into the weeks that have been completed. I will mention only the ones that are running and that are to come.

    The Creation Week is the first week to begin and last week to end. It is still running.

    The Benjamin Week begins at the birth of Abraham and technically ends in 1947, but it is not over. It is like running itself out like Jesus resurrecting at certain time and still completes the day. This can be best understood by looking at the Road to Emmaus.

    The Weeks to come are:

    14 – The Second Pentecost – It will share and have the same middle event as the Tribulation Week (2nd Resurrection). It may not express itself in the same way. For instance, Jesus dies on the cross and the Veil is torn. The Second Pentecost has a 50 years to 50 year count for a week. I cannot explain that simply here. The 1st Pentecost has a 50 day to 50 day count for a week. It begins at the transfiguration (3 men in the spirit) finds its middle with the torn veil and ends its week with 120 people in the spirit.

    15 – The Tribulation Week (The 2nd Pentecost) is similar to the Passion Week in sense. The Passion Week had 7 days. The Tribulation Week has 7 years. The big question is: Where is the Spirit? Where the Spirit is, there is the temple.

    This is where I am at. If you cannot find me here where I am, we cannot speak on understanding the weeks or Shavuot. I understand everything you guys are saying. No one completes a 70 week. The 70th week is a person (or persons). The 70th week represents metaphorically the adopted.

    (7) God has seven weeks. It takes 7 workers to complete those weeks. One worker per week.
    7) Israel has seven weeks. It takes 62 workers to complete those weeks. One worker for the 1st and the 7th week. 12 workers for each of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th week.
    (1) The Adopted has one week. It takes 1 worker to complete one week.

    To understand Shavuot, you count off 7 days for (7). You count off 7 weeks (7). You add one. (1)

    There is your 15 weeks. There really is only 15 weeks. Until one figures out that, you cannot break Daniel’s 70 sevens. Peace

  13. If anything, we are most likely in the 2nd Pentecost. It has a 50 year count to the middle and 50 years after. The greatest movement of Jesus happened in the early 70’s. The 2nd Pentecost might be coming towards it’s middle. I, personally, can know for sure only when I know when the middle of the week is. You always know the middle of the week is coming. Noah knew it. Jesus knew it. He told apostles that it was coming. When I know the middle, I know when the 2nd Pentecost began and I know when the 1 hour (1 month) of the first 4th day will begin in the Tribulation Week (2nd Resurrection). You know this if you understand the Passion Paradigm. Jesus kept telling his apostles it was coming.

    Prophecies . . . it is okay. The first day needs and introduction. The second day needs a recognition of sin. The 3rd day needs a joining. The 4th day is death or praise. In the case of the adopted, it will be death. It is like the 12 hour count of the Holocaust which is a 12 year count. The Holocaust is a middle of the week day of 12 hours with a middle event. It is also a week. The only true historical week that is forbidden to deny in some parts of the world like Germany. It is illegal to deny the Holocaust in Germany. It makes it a very historical week if one understands weeks. It is the 6th week Israel complete and is complete. It is called Zebulun which means glorious dwelling place. They found a “glorious dwelling” place. Sacrifices are not a pretty thing if one reads Leviticus. Sacrifices are called holy. The Holocaust is holy. If one tries to approach a holy sacrifice, it could mean death. Like the two guys who used strange fire and Noah explains it to his brother whose only reponse was silence.

    I don’t think we will be breaking new ground unless you can see what I see. I see what you see and I measure it in the format of the weeks. All weeks have format. The Passion Week is the Paradigm, the Passion Paradigm. It is the plumb line that I use.

  14. Within the format of the response, as churches thorough the ages responded to the world. I will answer this in reference to middle of the week events. I will use two. One is Israel’s response to the Babylonian King. They were approaching a middle of the week event. They were approaching two. Jeremiah warned them and told them the right response. There are two week overlapping. One middle of the week event was completed with the exiles. The other middle of the week event was completed with the fall of the 1st Temple. Jeremiah warned them for the right response.

    The exile is a middle of the week event for Israel. It is Israel’s 4th week that was to be completed. It is called Judah.

    The fall of the temple was a middle of the week event for God. It is week that involves the Father. It also is completed. It is the 3rd week that God completes.

    I guess I will be talking about 3 then. To the next middle of the week event.

    The next middle of the week event has also to to do with the fall of the Temple 2. This week is a week Israel is to complete. It is called Issachar, the Man of Hire. How they were suppose to response. They took Jerusalem in 66 AD. There are costs. They new almost a year before that Titus was coming. It takes about a year to move that kind of army by foot or sea from Rome to Jerusalem. They fought back.

    What is the response of the church to the changes the world is going through. To fight back for its rights. The church gained their rights maybe in 312 AD. If that is the date used with Constantine, it is a wrong date. The 312 AD has to do with Israel’s 7th week (Benjamin) which involves the 12 hour on the 4th day. Israel is buried.

    The real week that gives “birth” to the church is tied to the fall of the temple 70 AD. The week ends with a simple question from Pliny 112 AD, “What about the Christians?”

    End times come and go, but there really is not End time. We are at the end of the week. Most of the things we called apocalyptic happens in the middle of the week. The flood is a middle of the week event. The fall of the both Temples are middle of the week events. Jesus on the cross is a middle of the week event, but problem is the Passion Week shifts. It is the only week that has a 8th day. Jesus walks out into the 8th day. You got a lot of metaphors in the air when thinking of the 8th day.

    Prophecies might be right, but how one responds is the bigger question. Paul and Peter knew they were “coming to their middle of the week event”. They knew they were going to die. They know they will rise.

    The generation that will never die is the generation that stays the faith through the Tribulation (2nd Resurrection) week. If the die or are murdered, they rise anyways at the end of the week.


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